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Alpha Omicron Chapter

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About AO and AΦA

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is the first intercollegiate Greek lettered fraternity for African American men, founded at Cornell University in 1906. While the Fraternity now has hundreds of chapters all around the world, Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was established in 1923 at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC as the 36th Chapter in the Fraternity. The College Brothers of AO administer the Fraternity's national programs and host other events sponsored by the chapter from the campus of JCSU. Alumni of Alpha Omicron Chapter are servant leaders in their fields and industries across the country.  

Events Hosted in Charlotte

AO sponsors a multitude of events throughout the year in and around Charlotte, NC, in addition to implementing the national programs.  The College Brothers are hosting everything from spirited socials, to pageants, to educational events on JCSU campus, and more. Stay close to the College Brothers to get your invite. 

Working In All Major Industries

Of the seven founders of Alpha Phi Alpha was a Physician, an Agriculture professor, the Executive of a major civil rights organization, an Engineer, a High School Teacher, a US Senate Committee staffer, and an Architect - several of whom were the first to break the color line in their fields. For over 100+ years, across all major industries and sectors, you'll find Alphamen. We are particularly groomed for community development initiatives, and lead broader economic development projects.

Alpha Omicron Alumni & Chapter Brothers' Exemplary Service 
Principal Makes Progress in Atlanta Schools Closing the Achievement Gap
Dr. Andrew Lovett took on the challenge of turning around Atlanta’s Benteen Elementary School this year. Lovett studies the numbers.[...]
Florida Politician Has Served Max Terms in State House AND Senate by Age 46
Senator Chris Smith has served the full term limit as a distinguished career politician in both the Florida State House of Representatives and[...]
Top HBCU President Drives University Growth
Dr. Brian Johnson is a celebrated and sought after Professor and Administrator. From 2014 to 2017, he served as the[...]

Reach out to discuss collaboration and how you can leverage our network and expertise in business and government. 

National Programs

Voteless People Is a Hopeless People

Founded by Alpha Omicron Chapter at JCSU, this national program aims to register students to vote on every college campus across the country.

My Brother's Keeper

This program aims to improve quality of life for elderly and disabled brothers, their spouses, and widows.

Go to High School, Go to College

Goals of this program are to promote completion of high school and collegiate education.

Project Alpha

This collaborative project provides education to teenage males on healthy relationships, teen pregnancy, and aims to reduce incidence of STD's.

Alpha Omicron brothers implement these national programs in Charlotte, NC from the JCSU campus, and a number of the brothers participate in special initiatives promoted by the Fraternity.